Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keep An Eye On Your Chicken

What is an AFO? Animal Feeding Operation. Industrial animal farms that keep and raise animals in confined situations. Feed is brought to them instead of them foraging for it. It also means that they eat, sleep, defecate, and die within a small area of land. As if that thought weren't enough to turn you off from massive inhumane farms here's another reason: Feeding arsenic is still standard practice on chicken AFOs because it helps the birds grow faster and controls a common intestinal disease. Lets carry this thought from farm to table (and beyond) to understand the horrible ramifications of their actions.
The chickens injest this cocktail and produce waste. This waste is spread over agricultural land every year (by the metric ton). We injest these chickens (and what they have eaten) and everything else that is raised on this 'waste' land and we contribute this waste to our groundwater and environment.
A step you can take right now is to find a local chicken farm that treats their animals humanely, allows them to roam freely and uses chemical free or organic feed. I found one at our local farmers market in Phoenix. The farm is called Prescott Valley Farms ( and they have a store front in Phoenix and sell at the farmers markets. Support the local farms in your state and your health will thank you for it.

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