Thursday, May 20, 2010


According to the American Heart Association after quitting smoking one can experience these benefits in just one to nine months: shortness of breath decreases, cilia in lungs regrow, circulation improves, energy levels increase, and infection decreases.

The smallest bones in the body are in the ear.

Middle ear infections should decrease as a child ages because the eustachian tube changes from a horizontal to a slanting position; thus, fluid cannot pool and become infectious as easily.

Ligaments attach bone to bone and tendons attach bone to muscle.

Hand washing is considered the single most important method of infection prevention.

Foods that are labeled "organically grown" might still have pesticides if they cross a state border or country border due to agriculture laws. Foods that are from other countries are nutritionally deplete-buy local within 100 miles of where you live.

"Life is defined by movement and death-and the lack thereof" (unknown)

(sources: Outline Review for the Medical Assistant-2nd edition and Macrotherapy Nutrition notes)

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