Friday, April 9, 2010

Yes, fat is good for you!

Here is another handy list of the best types of fat that should be in your diet:

1. Organic, free-range animal meats and fats such as lard, tallow etc. (high heat cooking)
2. Fish or high quality fish-oil supplements. (should come from wild fish that have been filtered for heavy metal toxicity and other metal toxicity.)
3. Organic, free-range eggs –the yolk should be kept intact during cooking to prevent oxidizing the cholesterol in the yolk. (boiling or low-temperature poaching and frying)
4. Raw nuts, soaked before eating to break down the phyto-nutrients and makes all the nutrients more bio-available.
5. Avocados – a good source of monounsaturated oleic acid.
6. Cold-pressed, unfiltered organic olive oil –(moderate temperature cooking)
7. Butter, raw if possible – Butter has many benefits including fat-soluble vitamins, short and medium chain fatty acids-from pasture-fed cows only – this has strong anti-cancer properties
8. Ghee (clarified butter)
9. Coconut oil or butter – high in medium-chain FA(high heat cooking)
10. Pumpkin seed oil
11. Flax seed oil – Always keep refrigerated and never heat.
12. Castor oil
13. Cod liver oil
14. Palm oil – (high heat cooking)
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